Carjack My Home

A “black cat” burglar carjacked my home
Now I’ve got no place to sleep
No tooth brush or comb
It’s bad enough that I had to sleep in the back of my car
But now I’m asleep under Heart Park Bridge
Next to this dirty bum

There I was asleep in my car in the early afternoon
Havin’ a dream about three naked girls, I know you have them too
Then I heard the tap of a forty five, off to my left on the driver’s side
“Break yourself punk, get the fuck out!”, that’s how the
cat burglar car jacked my home.

This world’s so unfair that I evened up the odds
I stole myself a convertible red Cadillac
Who says two wrongs don’t make it a go
Now I’m driving with the top down on my way to Mexico

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