Create My Own World

If I never took the pill
If I never did a line
If I never jammed the needle
Would my life have been of interest

If I never dropped a hit
If I never smoked a bowl
If I never ate those mushrooms
Would I have the same friends now

Because I love my friends and I wouldn’t
Have it any other, way if I could have
Had it any other way then I’d make
The ultimate sacrifice I’d do it again
For my friends

If it’s true that all things are possible
Then as a joke I’d like to create my own world
So God and I can laugh, hysterically
I wouldn’t try to make it perfect
I wouldn’t try to show up our God
But I would make it different
Something with change
Something to keep all interest
And be a constant reward
If I could make my own world
God and I would laugh hysterically

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