Driving in my car I remembered a time
When we used to get along, and we had a good time
There used to be a time when I was in love with life
I thought it was you but I wasn’t right

Driving in my mind I remembered a place
That we used to go just to get away
A quiet place away from the crowds
Away from the lights and away from the sound

All good things must come to an end
Our dreams go bad then we turn to our friends
Don’t lose faith in the final goal
Keep your head straight and don’t let them slow….. you down

Your down
Keep your head up in the clouds
Look around
Don’t ever let them get you down

Even if the memories are all I have
I’m not better off with a broken heart
You twisted me around like a crazy straw
And left me alone at home at night

All good things must come to an end

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