Sometimes I feel
Quiet and calm
I want to relax on my couch at home
I don’t want to hear any music or words
Just want to close my eyes and float on a cloud

Every time I try to rest these rhythms just went stop
Weaving in and out and up and down inside my brain
My own pulse is the bass drum in my song,
Sung every day from when I wake up till I’m gone

I can’t sleep
Because of these beats
Keeping me up
Pounding on my brain

1 o’clock then 2 o’clock then 3 o’clock then 4
Can’t fall asleep until I write a little more
4 o’clock 5 o’clock 6 o’clock then 7
Now I’m off to work with my eyes hardly open

Now I’m counting sheep, over the fence, to fall asleep
Nothing seems to work, I can’t seem to sleep, fun is driving me mad

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