Essence Intent on Understanding (E.I.U. or “God”)

There are too many dogmas attached to the name “God”.
Free thinking is impossible with these presuppositions.
The fact that “God” has become a proper name,
fans the burning flame.......of subjectivity.

Annihilate the name we symbolize.
Demythologize it and make it scientific.
EIU is the acronym I have chosen,
to make rational what you all have befriended.

EIU will start from this point forward,
as an argument and discussion from ground level.
Building upon itself only what is rational.
With an impersonal name we will objectively settle.

At this point I do believe the EIU is being in itself.
It knows all we know, and feels our emotions.
To believe that it knows all the answers to the questions we have found,
Is our fundamental mistake profound.

I believe the EIU is everything we are and more,
but it does not understand its own core.
We free thinkers represent the consciousness,
of the EIU as it learns more about itself.

Evidence I have observed that I think would indicate,
some kind of metaphysics intrinsic would be,
the idea of a “Classic” song as opposed to modernity,
as the population grows there is less and less discovery.

Once and a while a floodgate opens.
We all know how valuable this is.
It represents a discovery in the EIU,
that the people concentrate on and retain.

We can never reproduce the classic artists,
in the way in which they existed,
at a time such as today,
when the creative imagination is spread so thin.

Until the technology explosion, the EIU had a mind block.
But now it is finally becoming conscious.
The World Wide Web represents the EIU’s attempt at being.
It is pretty impressive that we are it, and it is we.

This is why I would not mind calling “God” William,
or another personal name of anthropocentric relation.
If we want to be personal about the EIU, then do it for real.
We are a part of it, and it understands itself through our creations.

The EIU exists before and after you are born and die.
You gain individuality by exploring the unknown areas.
You provide the most growth possible,
by working as free as possible and working individually.

This would explain the feeling I have had all these years,
that conformity and lack of originality are a crime of sorts.
You would be adding to the life force to sustain,
but not doing your part to help the EIU organize its thoughts.

While others work to support the thinkers who push forward,
there are a few who need time to organize and theorize.
The ones who work to feed and support are detrimental,
to the survival of the ones who are instrumental.

We need to remove the subjective wall that stands in the way.
It is imperative we give objectivity its day.
The EIU will begin to understand itself for what it is,
not as a child who understands what it wants to be.

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