6:47 PM

At 6:47 tonight they say
The planet alignment will be taking place
At 6:48 tonight who knows
What'll take place on this earth we drain

My father didn't want is to know
That he had any worries at all
He secretly went and bought supplies
A radio, batteries and bottled water
Warm clothes, canned food and a fishing kit
One thing we didn't know my father bought
was a 357 to protect our love
And enough bullets to drop an elephant
Who knew what problems we'd come across

In an hour we would know the plot
To the story that's unfolding now
Maybe we're just being paranoid
And nothin's gonna happen now

On tv other people are worried
The world watches close while
The time grows near
My family and I are watching the news
Outside there seems to be a breeze picking up
My mother offers to make some dinner
She says we're probably being paranoid
I guess we'll know in an hour and a half
Until then I have to rest my mind

In an hour we'll know the plot to the
story that is unfolding now
Maybe we're just being paranoid
And there is nothing to worry about.

For the end
To sneak up on us

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