Spirit World

It’s a board of witches with the answers
To your questions if you dare to ask
One time I was with my friends
In a graveyard in the middle of the night
The eyepiece was moving in a figure eight
You all know that’s the sign of eternity
We all had questions we wanted to ask
This board of spirits from our ghostly past

Will we die, will we live
Will we see, will we be

The first spirit we got was a little girl
Who was in a car wreck when she was killed
And she seemed honest enough
She earned our trust so we called her back
You never know cause these spirits lie
They’ll tell you what you want to hear
They’ll read peoples minds standing around you
And convey information you thought no one knew

We asked the witch board about our futures
It said we’d all have similar fates
It said we’d be doing some travel
And it’d probably be much sooner than we think
We all sat and wondered what the witch board meant
It seemed so profound the predictions it made
You never know cause the spirits could be
Wrong, they could be lying, or they could be right

Spirit door, after life
Black magic, could be white

The witch board it works so perfectly
It’s sold to our children at age thirteen
If Parker Brothers says it’s a game to be
Then God all mighty that’s what it must be
There’s no way in hell this irony
Could reach that far and wide
Without a single question
After that night I thought about our lives
And all the things we take for granted here

The spirits set me straight
The spirits made me think
If there’s another world out there
Then we must not be alone

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