Noam Chomsky

"It is easy to dismiss the world as "irrelevant" or consumed by "paranoid anti-Americanism," but perhaps not wise."

(Hegemony or Survival, Noam Chomsky)

Unless you search outside the social painting,
the painting your government perpetuates,
the perpetuation of artwork of least social resistance,
to reach their goals with the least persistence.

When social unrest occurs,
the dissidents become the enemy,
the enemy of the puppet drones,
the puppet drones who have no mind of their own.

Patriotism is a word that is raped,
raped by the tyrannical Neo-Cons,
Neo-Cons who constantly profess “Freedom!”,
freedom in the way they want you to be.

Unless you break free, and study the facts.
Unless you study the situations that are not on FOX News,
you will never know the reality of your taxes,
you will never understand, the true virtue of your hand.

Truth and reality are not always least resistant,
you may have to change to be real,
you may have to realize your character defect,
then you will understand what arrogant jingoism to reject.

Do not be a puppet drone, and believe the available ignorant bliss,
do not be a robot “patriot” who is an insurgent terrorist while in opposition.
The true America is perpetuated by the moderate middle class,
but much like the “Axis of Evil”, we have been hijacked by extremists.

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