The Band Song

Playing in a band isn’t all fun and games
A lot of times you have to fight just to stay
Together in a group that shows it’s strength
In forever where the children will come to play

When we play the show its energy
There’s so much to the band that you don’t see
When we play the shows it’s all fun and games
But you should know it’s not always that way

This is our time to be free of life
Relaxing while we float on a cloud in the sky
The time is short but enough to give
A lasting memory of what can be again

We don’t want to shatter your hopes and dreams
We wanna give you a taste of reality
Don’t believe everything you read in the magazines
Don’t believe a thing you see on the T.V.
If you wanna work the reward is far
It’s not the competition that makes it hard
It’s a universal incident as you will see
Mixing common goals and personalities

When we came together it wasn’t right at first
But we stuck together and now it works
Like we said before it’s not all fun and games
The reward in the end is more than double the pain

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