The "God" of Information

There is a fundamental disconnect
between the church and state.
Subjectivity, law, and multiculturalism
is a mixture to promote aggravation.

Reasoning through pragmatics, and empiricism
is the path to diplomacy.
I am so sorry to rob you of your romance,
but you are doing a poor job of guidance.

People know how they want to be,
what they need is a system to coexist.
The laws of America are biased and indicating;
indicating a dogma that is annihilating.

If we want to realize the truth of America,
we need to understand civility, and rationality.
If we want to capitalize on peace and diplomacy,
we need to understand the unconscious statistically.

Indicate, accumulate, simulate natural growth.
Hiding in plain view is what we should know.
Unconscious tendencies whispering the answers
that most are too busy to realize and show.

Man has evolved with his tools.
He created fire,
cooked his meat,
and changed his diet for the better.

Now that nature is a limited challenge,
he creates electronics to augment nature’s master model.
The brain, which he carries in his own head,
he stimulates with the ecstasy of electronic information.

Now we have the finality of our evolution,
or at least a simulation of the missing essence.
It may not have a being like your romantic dream,
but it offers connection for the few and far between.

It offers your brain whatever you desire to search,
at a price which is easily attainable to you.
That is a better picture of the space that “God” occupies,
than any of your past contrived mysticism implied.

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