Essays 2011

The Final Synthesis of Humanity and Time 10/15
Badgers at War, and Men in Harmony 3/06
Quantity, Autonomy, Duty and Humanity 2/27
On the Construction of Superior Minds 2/23
Conscious, Unconscious, Panic Attacks and God 2/5

Essays 2010

Making Connections in Understanding Correctness 8/28
There is No Real Atheist, and No Real Theist 8/11
I Dropped it By Choice 3/13
The Culture of Frivolity 3/13
The Philosophy of What It Means to "Sell Out" 3/10
Cram Your Ridiculous Fallibilism 3/6
Why I Decided Being "Cool" Was Really Not "Cool" 2/22
Militant Optimism is not a 'Good' Idea 2/8
Understanding the Reality of Truth and Knowledge 1/6

Essays 2009

Being Mean to the Right People
My Personal Motives and Development 12/5
Attack Your Own Position! 12/2
Change or Kill
(The second most important choice on the true path)
On Universal Humanism #1 11/4
Pro-Choice, Anti-war and Pro-Life, Pro-war 10/26
The Universal Universal is Beckoning 9/9
Freedom, Education and Discipline 9/2
Empathy and Charity 7/31
Yes, the Tree Still Fell in the Forest 7/24
It is the Universe's Fault Also 7/19
Realism, Pessimism, and Optimism 7/10
Selfishness, Justice and Natural Truth
A Fundamental Doctrine of Universal Humanism
The Truth About Atheism
To Kill for Universality






Of States, Individuals, and Memes

Annihilate Romantic Memes
Contingent Immanence
Creativity and Acceptance
Master Imposition
Letter to Hannity
Delusional Opportunity
Divide Them Into Two or Three
Apathy vs. Activism
America's Nuclear Fate

Cambrian Explosion, Simian Extinction

Character, Not Duty
Killers, Boredom, Suicide and Interest
Nuance and the Contrived
The Intolerant and The Critical
About My Personal Polemics
Romance and Progress
Cultural Convergence
Two Convergent Scales
Blinded by Consumerism


Truth, Actuality, and Self

Confidence vs. Prudence
Education for Morality
Birth, to Nihilism, to Virtue
Unconsciously Anti-Natural
By Yourself, For the People
Everything is not Nothing

The Romantic Evasion

The Unmoved Mover
Spawning Civility
Compete or Conform
Disappointed in Descartes
Monster vs. Budweiser



Universal War 1, The First True Fight

One in Humanity
Thrown to the Wolves
Industrial Sterilization of the Natural
Justice *New

Erradicate the Rigid
Universal War 1
The World, and Particular Failure
Kill to Supplement
One Universal Truth



Poetry on Quotes of Interest

Bertrand Russell
Friedrich Nietzsche
Marcus Aurelius
Mary Boyce

Noam Chomsky
Rene Descartes
Walter Kaufmann
William Dembski


The Essence Intent on Understanding
Panentheism, the Theism of Rationality

My Realization
To Be, and to Perceive
Scrutiny and Consensus
Universalists in Relative Sway

Your Duty is to Learn

Cohesion of Science, Philosophy, and Metaphysics (Theology)
The Internet
Modernist Killers,
and Postmodern Suicide



Poetry of Conscious Reform

The "God" of Information

Objectivity, Agnosticism, Subjectivity


Garrulous Ramblings of a Disenchanted Nomad

Consensus Reveals True Consciousness
Contingent Redundancy
Eyes as Projectors
Exponential Learning Curve
Republican Monkey
Regional to Universal
Indicate and Participate
Essence Intent on Understanding

Life as Tragedy
Suppression or Free Will
True Money
Chance and Reason
Authenticity, Not Fear
Fill a Hole
Humiliation or Augmentation
Telepathy and Organic Group Mind
Ice and Rock
Electric Dreams


Of Philosophy and Men

Altruism in Realism
Construct Your Production
Failure of Love
Invite the Devil In
Used to Be
Zozz Wozz
Human Traitor

Line in the Sand
Orgasm Billboard
Sludge Dredging
Symbolism in the Moment
Your God is my Insanity
To Be
The Anti-Jesus Story
Identity in the Instant
Melancholy or Folly
Determinism, Ignorance, Relativity



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