Objectivity, Agnosticism, Subjectivity

Pragmatics, probabilities, traceability, repeatability;
this knowledge leads us away from madness.

Objectivity and scrutiny will lead the way,
away from madness and the insane.

When we realize that some great complexities,
cannot be mathematically measured with logistics,
there is no problem, and there never was a problem
with remaining agnostic and realistic.

Subjectivity provides you with freedom of choice,
you use what you know as an individual to make decisions.
Emotions and values of your character,
are solidified and negated by what you envision.

These three concepts do share a logical order,
though they have mixed values in every decision you make.

Objectivity and agnosticism come from knowledge and lack.
Subjectivity is the interpretation of the evidence in hand.

If I show you a rock, and a tree, we would both probably agree,
these are the truths of common sense objectivity.
But if you feel that belief and subjectivity take the leading role,
you will not realize the consensual agreement this shows.

I say these objects exist as matter in space,
regardless of whether you believe they do or not.
I say other reasonable people would agree,
on this universal truth of the things we see.

I say these types of truths are the most important,
to keep our species alert, articulate, and progressing.
I say any subjective argument that defies observable probabilities,
is madness of a type that one willingly chooses to be.

I have no problem with the way you want to live your life,
until your people start killing in the name of your madness.
I used to be a proponent of relativity, to promote empathy,
and to let ultimate subjectivity have its play, to have its say.

Now I know I was wrong, and their lack of critique cannot go on.
I wont allow the people to suffer anymore at the hands of madmen.
I am standing up to judge you and say, “No more will you stunt our progress.”
The time has come to take back the world from the medieval zealots.

You subjective types cannot understand anything but your inversion.
Subjectivity before observable truth, as to not jostle your emersion.
Now that I judge you all you can see, is another person’s subjectivity.
I will just stand and laugh because my truths come from objectivity.

The fact you make no distinction from subjectivity, to agnosticism, to objectivity,
means you have annihilated your only chance for knowledge.
You have condemned yourself to being a subset, or blowing around arbitrarily.
You will never know that the universal truth will come in time from objectivity.

Your madness will be exposed before the world, and you will refuse to know.
Your stubbornness and intentional perpetuated ignorance will highlight your insanity.
You will live in ridicule, as you see that people can still love and live realistically,
You had your time, you chose violence, your time is over, and we chose diplomacy.

The religions and philosophies have great ideas to teach,
but we have to be critical.
We have to take the pain of being a fool,
so we can step forward in our lives as perpetual schoolchildren.

If we demand the cessation of learning,
we have chosen to stop aging mentally.
Whatever age we stunt our growth,
is the mental age we will continue to know.

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