Universal War 1

For the good of the people,
the new battlegrounds are lighting up.
For the good of the planet,
the new fight forces a cleansing.

Your devotion to God is a selfish devotion to yourself,
even when you do for others, you do it selfishly.
Even your belief cannot be attributed to you,
as you are told you have to believe.
Your entire system is built on killing and dying,
in that mess you have forgotten how to live.

We, who hear the whisper, need to bring our soldiers to the front.
It is time to stand with the universe, and cleanse the dogma of death.
Black, brown, red, white or blue, it makes no difference.
Religion, ideology, and philosophy it makes no difference.

If you negate,
if you laugh at others,
if you point the finger,
if you are selfish, vain, and live to acquire,
the time has passed.

Did you see it go by?
It was obvious in its symbols.
The deterministic piece is screaming at you,
but you buried it in believing in yourself.

Listen to what is, not what you make it out to be.
Be ready for the war, or be ready to change.
Do not act like you are the depressed underdog,
your historical oppression is glaring as your hypocrisy.

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