Two Convergent Scales

Values, values, values,
you are that chosen person with values!

Democracy, the way we want you to be,
worldwide spread, everybody must understand.

You believe in yourself, so you must be right,
to question and learn is weakness in domination,
your demand for a state, creates more conflict,
your demand to label anti-values creates the rift.

There is values to be had, in universal civility,
it is not all relative, and it is not all determined.
Pay attention, and do not resign to apathy,
pay attention, and do not masturbate in your pity…..of the other.

The scale that lies underneath the seen,
has two different oppositions to every idea,
one is an exact negation, contingent upon the initial,
and one is an emotional reaction, to an actual.

Understand them both, by this example in presentation;
What is the opposite of a movement toward diversity?
One point of view points out the opposite as a move toward a universal,
while another view of the opposite presents a negation to annihilate the multiple.

A theist instigates a point of view,
atheism exists in purity inside the theist,
not believing in God is not the definition of atheism,
the exact negation of what the theist is,
is atheism by definition.

I really believe theists are atheists,
but people who work to annihilate them, have a claim to the name also.
They are reactive, and desire to spend the time,
they watch for theist cues, then they move to annihilate.

Just because you take no stand on the issue of God,
does not make you an atheist by default.
You are simply a person, in a sea of labels,
labels that, sometimes, only gain meaning, if you give them significance.

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