Authenticity, Not Fear

Obsession, obsession with a new idea
The realization of a new found interest
The floodgates open, and new thoughts grow
Expanding the understanding of what you know

Free thinkers are strong
We are not afraid to question ideals
We know how to think objectively
We know belief, and what is real

We are not afraid to challenge all our aspects
We understand the tests of scrutiny
We understand the values that survive
Are truly what we want for our lives

Fear is false ground to perpetuate your existence
You cannot test yourself and your belief of truth
You know if you search ideals of other people
You might find something that interests you

This is the universal leap required to be true
This is the step which will allow you to walk through
This is a jump over the largest canyon of stubbornness
A jump to benefit yourself, and the people close to you

Start your studies and start your tests
Know what you believe, and the aesthetic reasons for it
Not what you feel you think you should be
But the person that you are in authenticity

People will revel at your natural self satisfaction
Nothing contrived will come across to them
You wont have to have a “representative self” in social places
Because you wont feel the need to judge others and their choices



Just be.

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