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Unconsciously Anti-Natural

Similarities and difference;
agriculture to market sale;
Personal trade is natural,
impersonal corporations fail the people.

Profit paramount,
truth incalculable,
excuse to not try,
business unaccountable,
to the people.

unconsciously anti-natural,
population explosion,
selfish procreation,
mankind will survive without your child.

Selfish procreation,
industrialization necessity,
unconsciously anti-natural,
fundamental disconnect,
of intellect and instinct.

Activism in procreation,
I doubt anybody is ready to make that sacrifice.
What’s wrong, still not over your continuation?
Still not satisfied with yourself, you have to live on?

My life is my life,
the unconscious desire to procreate, is the perpetuation of lower animals,
understand mankind will go on without your child,
make a sacrifice to bring it back to the natural.

You do not live on in your children,
you will not even live on yourself,
industrialization immorality, and planet destruction,
are on the shoulders of lower animals, and businessmen.

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