William Dembski

"Is it a fact that the full panoply of life has evolved through purposeless naturalistic processes? This might be a fact, but whether it is a fact is very much open to debate."

(Intelligent Design, William Dembski)

I believe Dembsky ‘s attitude of agnosticism here,
is worthy of a similar admittance from the evolutionary camp.
While intelligent design seems riddled with agenda,
blind chance by evolutionists seems lacking in evidence.

What I find ridiculous is the idea perpetuated by the dualists,
trapped in their diametric cages, trapped like light in a bounce,
trapped between two mirrors of perfect mathematical alignment,
bouncing back and forth down into infinity, and containment.

If life does not evolve from blind chance alone,
then it is obvious it was created by our anthropocentric clone.
It is so obvious to see, Darwin was the stupidest mind alive,
especially to those who have not given his naturalist studies a second of their time.

The only book you can judge by seeing the cover alone,
is a book you know may have reasonable information,
reasonable information that may confuse and disturb your bliss,
no amount of reality is worth any turbulence to this.

Just a clue for you dualists playing mental ping-pong,
just because blind evolution might not be the way and the path,
does not mean that creationism is the only other option,
it does not show that you were right all along……

There is still more to learn, my guess is that we will see,
the body actually does take cues from the environment,
and it is hardly by chance that we evolved to our being,
in this life where we question this world we see….around us.

To pay my respects to Dembski’s reasonable agnosticism,
it is possible that we were created, by a being who started the natural patterns,
there may be a creator, but there is no “God”,
but if the creator exists, then man’s picture of him is surely a slander.

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