The Internet

The internet, the internet, what can it represent
under the Evolutionary Panentheistic view?

I think it represents God’s memory in a timed world.
It has no meaning until you use his consciousness.
It has no use until you perceive the information saved.
Then God will understand, his consciousness has a being; man.

Before the internet was created, no world unification was possible.
Before our colossal network of wires and light, it was not plausible.

Though it seems chaotic and out of control at the present time,
that just shows the concept is much larger than mankind.
We have to catch up to our own invention of information collection.
We have to grasp the most basic concepts of ordering massed information.

We just think we are the most clever animals.
We just think we are the top of the chain of life.
Does a fly understand its significance to man?
Does a snake miss his legs and hands?

God is evolving universally, just like we are in symbiosis.
We are watching God’s mind evolve and perceive.
Our lack of being, is our desire to grow, and to know;
and God’s desire to perceive, will provide us with being…..when we die.

The internet is the compilation of all of God’s information,
unraveled and discovered by man through study.
Though it is filled with erroneous information by sub-standard thinkers,
overall it provides information for growth.

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