America's Nuclear Fate

European Modern, to American Postmodern,
to synthesis and convergence

A movement plain, in an a priori effect,
Growth in synthesis is the very end.

I want to bring a prophetic prediction,
while I take cues from America’s unconscious addictions.

Our conservative leaders have done their best,
to rally us against the social group with the name “enemy”
They never seem to realize that the social group they exclude in jingoism,
will react with the same desire to annihilate the American egoism.

This is the way, it will happen so clearly:

Hollywood will try to make money on “terrorism” movies.
Sensationalizing Neo-Con moron wet dreams,
they will masturbate their way into the main stream,
and Americans will funnel money to perpetuate an “enemy”,
not even for a second, looking for a cost,
a cost that will be paid, by bolstering attacks in the states.

Do not believe for a second, when you sit in your living room,
watching 24 while dreaming of excitement you will never see,
that you are not contributing to a future nuclear attack on America.
Do not believe you are an innocent victim, while you create an enemy.

The people you demonize, will see how you portray them,
they will try even harder to destroy you where you lay.
Go ahead and masturbate in your egoistic exclusion today,
Tomorrow I will hold you responsible for a nuclear explosion in New York City.

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