Confidence vs. Prudence

When you force the issues to true or false ends,
And you cease to allow deliberation, and evaluation,
Making a decision with limited calculation,
Ego reifies prejudice, and you call it confidence.

Staring in the mirror with approval and vanity,
It starts with a failure to judge yourself out of fear,
Then it spirals out of control attempting to destroy,
Attempting to destroy the life contained between extremes.

A person of another type who you label as weak,
when objectively analyzed should be thought as prudent.
Prudential interlocutors become suspicious of “confidence”.
“strength” is a buzzword for getting lucky at a guess.

The universe is apparent,
your confidence and strength only fool your fools
The universe is apparent,
we know you do not know, so stop with your artifice.

It seems you think you are getting away with something,
Your ego is so self-reifying, you have succumbed to your own delusion,
That is why your speech has a hypocritical strength in projection,
In your stupidity, your unconscious conquered your conscious in contradiction.

You feel that space do you not, that emptiness you do not dare address,
That emptiness you assume all people feel, that you run from at night.

It is much more terrible than you realize, it is only you and your type,
That emptiness you feel, and cannot rid yourself of,
is the death of your authenticity, sincerity, and honesty.
That emptiness you feel is your failure to grow, your loss of the actual.

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