Regional to Universal

From what I have seen,
we are products of where we grew up.
We walk, talk, and dress,
like the people who impress us.

But it seems reasonable to assume,
that freedom brings you far above.
Far above your regional tendencies,
you start to resemble universality.

Then you can go to other countries and towns,
where you never dreamed of going.
You can see different cultures, lands, and seas.
You will still meet people of universality.

People at the lower rungs will always fight.
They will always fail to see.
They concentrate on differences between them.
They cringe with repugnance at others tendencies.

They will not know what to make of you.
They will try to bend you into themselves.
This sad miserable failure,
you will witness time and time again without fail.

Just remember you have shed your regional skin.
You have become part of a larger order.
Rational reason as the foundation of knowledge,
you will be like the others who have ascended.

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