Your Duty is to Learn

I used to think that there was no way
theism would ever be compatible with rationality and logic.
I never imagined this day.

I never imagined a theism that could be reasonable,
and make a picture of God through observation,
and still allow for symbolic mysticism.

There it is, hidden in plain sight.
The painting of our purpose to learn and feel,
ending the days of the ignorant ideal.

Panentheism will promote academics and knowledge.
Panentheism will remain open to future polemics.
Panentheism will never stop growing, and remain static.

Like free thinkers, panentheism will grow.
While its foundation will remain unswayed,
unless we can prove God exists in another way.

I do not see any other way is possible,
because philosophically we are indicating,
and we can never be ourselves completely.

Since we represent God’s perception of his own existence,
we have a duty to learn as much as we can.
Since we represent God’s thought in a finite existence,
our being is God and will live on in him as our plan.

Study on, and do not despair;
You will live on.
You will finally be.
You will finally be.

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