Failure of Love

If I said to you that love is a failure
You would think I was absurd
If I said to you there is no true love
You would send me away as a curse

Scratching the surface of everything
Life will not reveal itself to you
You have to mine the details from the depths
Then what was absurd starts to make sense

A person in love desires to understand
The life of the other, and who they are
The desire is strong to know the other
The desire is strong to be their heart

We can only live through subjectivity
Though the goal of love is an objective one
This is the failure I’m speaking of now
Objectivity is impossible in a subjective love

The love I speak of only exists
In its becoming, but it has a feigned goal
It has a goal that can never be achieved
It’s the goal of being the other person as a whole

In this sense the goal of love is nothing
In this sense true love is a myth
When you really break it down to what it is
Even truth in itself doesn’t really exist

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