Spawning Civility

Young and impressed,
vain but reactive.
No development of consciousness yet;
a product of chance, and traditionalism.

No time to refine yourself,
You become a mechanism of contingency.
Many people hang on to these scars,
many people believe this is who they are.

Even though external chance formed their core,
they fail to be critical of the mess they entertain.
Instead of standing outside, for a short time,
to refine, and become their true personality inside,
they build the ego, to reify their chance formation,
a formation with no order, ill defined and random.

If you do not examine,
you will never decide,
you will never decide,
who you are inside.

Holding tight,
to your childhood scars,
No control of your own,
your character unrefined.

If you chose anti-intellectualism,
the pain is your own,
the pain in suffering will never end,
the sharp edges cut, and wound again and again.

Blast the delusional ego,
let go of your idolatry,
nature is in constant ebb,
flow with it naturally.

When you understand true values,
when you understand their rates of change,
you understand that nothing is static,
you understand values have variable rates.

Hold on exclusively to nothing,
but decide what values change very slowly,
Understand clearly there is an innate altruism,
Understand civility spawns with consciousness simultaneously.

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