Melancholy or Folly

I feel like I can only survive
I can only survive by kidding myself
Kidding myself about my goals in truth
Truthfully hoping you will not find out

But then again, it seems I cannot know
I cannot know if my goals are genuine in nature
A nature that coincides with truth in social context
A nature that is what I truthfully desire to be

I wonder, I wonder because I want to know
I want to know if I only work to be appreciated
Though I tell myself day after day after day
I work on my own as a self-contained stray

I’m afraid, afraid…….so afraid to admit
To admit the possibility that I’m crying for your attention

I do not dare to try to believe that “lie”
The lie that would tear me up inside

As I realize my insignificance among you
I realize my probabilities being among you
My imagination cries out to be assured
To be assured that I’m special to you

Humble, humble, humble…..insignificant
Do not dare to imagine you are great
Low self-esteem can save you from folly
Though you spend your whole life in melancholy

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