Humiliation or Augmentation

I used to think rich kids were spoiled
No doubt out of partial jealousy
Can you blame me?

They probably are spoiled to a certain extent
Most never really had to truly worry themselves
Because in any case, the rent would be sent

Of course these types are hard to respect
We try to be nice for our own benefit
But we define humanity through hardship

I recently realized that I have been jaded
I have worked hard for everything I own
So I was highly proud of the world I created

I never stopped to think entropy would have its say
I never stopped to think my creation was contingent
I never stopped to think it could end some day

In the end I realized that I myself was spoiled
Not because I had any safety net under me
But because of the world created by my vitality and toil

Now all the pride I had in independence
Will bite my head off in the guise of helplessness
Leaving me more humiliated than humble

I was jaded because I never stopped to think
There would be a day that I could not support my illusion
There would be a day I could not be myself

I always had everything I wanted because I worked for it
But I always believed that the ability to work was a given
I never dreamed of the utter contingency of vitality that was involved

So, while I never benefited much from a dependent status
I might find that I have to beg, instead of be spoiled
I will have to be humiliated, instead of augmented

I have said it before and I will say it here again
You are a character in the comic of life,
Life is laughing at your misfortune,
And there is not a damn thing you can do about it

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