Human Traitor

I’m a human for humans and you left me no choice
You left me no choice but to hold you up in disgust
My stomach turns when I hear you incessantly complain
Incessantly complain about how mankind has gone astray

You somehow believe you are above any wrongdoing
You somehow believe you have an answer for all
If everyone in the world was clued in to your values
They could come out of their stupor and stand up tall

You are the one who says, “History is not truth in light.”
You are the one who has no hope or interest in his own species
You are a human back stabber, and a human traitor
My stomach turns with disgust when you feign your candor

You’re not human, your not one of our race
You’re an anti-human, delusional and diseased
You’ll never be part of a solution for positivism
You’ll never be part of a solution period

Just complain once about mankind as a whole
Watch me lash out at your throat
You do not deserve to live amongst the rest of us
I do not believe you deserve to live period

Once you start to realize the basic ideas
The basic idea that man is a product of his environment
You will have a chance to realize the truth
That environmental causes make us struggle through

But now as we learn to bend mother nature
We have the possibility to fly in the face of history
Now as life changes at exponential proportions
Recognize our nature, and our future possibilities

You human traitors make me sick, because you choose not to see
Self-aggrandizement causes you to look at man and posit a negation
You have no desire or interest to realize man’s possibilities
His possibility of frictionless, basic logic, and mathematical intention

Do not be a human traitor
Do not stab your brother in the back
Just so you can feel good about yourself
Do not kick him down, while he fights to stand

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