Disappointed in Descartes

* The quotes shown are derivative of Descate's thought, not his own words.

His imposition,
his implication,
“I am not telling you to follow me…”
”..but this person is a fool as you can see.”

His opportunism,
his submission,
”If a person of a greater mind has a better thought than mine…”
”…be content to submit, and follow that higher flight.”

So where does it stop,
and how can you start?

In your comfortable submission,
you set the rules for fluctuation,
while you project in order to negate,
because in yourself you have no belief.

I weeded myself of all external impositions, in order to start from scratch.
I have separate categories for the ideas of others that I am attached to.
I never content myself with their ideas because they are a symbolic authority,
although Descartes advocates this so he may retain his blissful contingency.

His accusation is that the opposition are fools,
those of us who believe completely in ourselves are impotent,
on one hand he tries to play the game like he is a humble man,
while on the other, judging in negation and name calling.

He has to submit, no matter how much he tries to free himself,
he has to submit, because his unconditional belief in God he can never be rational.
You can study logic until you fall over dead from lack of air,
but until you chose freedom over submission in that incalculable choice,
inside yourself you will always be trying to make amends.

God is the great divider, ridiculously because the essence resolves to be as one,
but unfortunately for monotheism, there is a multiplicity of expression to be shown,
while God is a name expressed in ultimate symbolism,
which can be seen as infinitive, or infinitesimal,
its symbolism is both meaningless and meaningful,
this is why you should chose to free yourself.

If you chose submission, there is no way to know what you have agreed,
if you chose freedom, you do not know exactly how to be,
but if you chose freedom, you take responsibility for your own mistakes,
you feel the pain of your own error, and avoid the desire to negate.

Those who submit and give up true freedom and responsibility,
are arrogant because they think they know that which cannot be,
but if you question them, you can see them become uncomfortable,
uncomfortable in speaking about that which they cannot be.

Those who are free become uncomfortable also while living with their lack,
but in their knowledge of the lines drawn highlighting their inadequacies,
there is more chance that they will be corrected, and ultimately freed.

Pain of error,
responsible in life,
redemption perpetuates masturbation,
a masturbation which hides.

Forgiveness is useful,
if you understand the true costs,
Forgiveness can be selfish,
If you are trying to perpetuate your bliss.

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