Industrial Sterilization of the Natural

It is becoming so obvious,
industrialization is sterilization.

Mankind’s nature is natural,
calculations sterilize your potency.

Logic, law and formulation,
drive your nature to annihilation.

Let machines be machines,
and let them free you to live.

Those who expect a changeable mind to be like a machine,
simply want to prove to all that they are superior.

One plus one plus one plus one,
collect, grow and accumulate.
One and one and one and one,
essence existing ubiquitously.

It is necessary that we forward the sciences.
It is necessary we understand what is going on.
I understand some people enjoy axioms, and formulas,
but they should not expect everyone to follow.

I respect mathematics, and formulation and study them myself,
but I understand the value of freedom, and being natural.

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