Birth, to Nihilism, to Virtue

A twinkle in the eye;
A ritual of infatuation;
A chain of contingency,
leading to your collective.

Born into impression,
your parents set the scales,
unconsciously you record their every decision,
and become a machine of collective reflection.

Too much information inundates your conscious,
buried in phenomenology, catching a glimpse of sight,
those who desire to understand pursue their freedom,
those who desire only reflection, pursue a submission.

The story ends here for those who find submission.
The only growth possible is presented in preconceived acceptance,
of guidelines perpetuated by those given a symbolic authority.
Weights and measures have limited say,
when someone’s happiness is at stake.

Those in pursuit of their consciousness,
will find merit in a self-critical nihilism,
for a short time in reflection,
cleaning up the artwork of the intellect.

When we are impressed, by a world of clashing determinism,
who we are before the escape, is a reflection of chance not virtue.
A sheltered being, with all the right circumstances may have the right idea.
but that very same person will not have, a perspective of change toward ataraxia.

A person lucky enough, to be impressed in a positive way,
may not be inclined to discover the reasons for their values.
Those who have trouble, are more likely to study,
they will annihilate, and recreate with reasonable inference.

Question everything, construct your virtue,
understand yourself, be confident in your value,
know all your beliefs, and your reasons for support,
be true to actuality, sincerity, authenticity, and honesty.

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