Scrutiny and Consensus

We are part of God’s body,
like neurons with potential.
We were not perceptually contrived,
by a being that created our lives…..intentionally.

The God you think you understand,
understands himself by your hand.
Though a year to him, this symbiotic essence,
is a billion years to us, in our lack and dependence.

Our progress toward efficiency,
is but a passing idea in the mind of this being.
Though we are linked through unconscious universality,
we will move closer to a mutual symmetry.

If you chose to focus on a point,
you have stopped your growth toward value.
God needs the perpetuation of free thought,
to keep his consciousness of himself growing strong.

If you chose to stunt your minds expansion,
your brain remains part of the brain, as the body,
it never becomes the tool God needs to know,
but you perform a lesser function, supporting those who grow.

Learn as much as you can through observation and study.
Keep your mind free, and realize universality.
Just because your beliefs are subject to scrutiny and change,
does not mean that you have not any truth to make.

Contrary to popular belief in our modern conservative atmosphere,
free thinkers with open minds understand morality better than them.
Just because we do not stomp our feet and throw a temper tantrum,
does not mean our truth is anyhow less valid than the conservative dictum.

Scrutiny and consensus will lead the way.
Free thinking, and character will have its say.

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