Telepathy and Organic Group Mind

A wise man once wrote,
God is being in itself.
Now that this axiom is known,
God can only be symbolically shown.

To know precisely what God is,
is to be God in his existence.
To literally show objectively,
is impossible to do symbolically

With the current religious systems,
the idea falls well apart.
It falls well apart because,
of their ambiguous nature from the start.

Mysticism and telepathy holds fun for me this moment.
Let us imagine our minds are grouped organically; unseen.
Modern love is the failure of two minds to be unified,
together in the group mind which is hidden, but intrinsically.

Modern paths which lead to social bliss,
are absent of truth and rely on symbolism.
They cannot be literally tested, because
they are not literally true as first causes.

Rationality will point to the true boundary,
the boundary of what hides inside, outside, and beyond.
Rationality is the first step of literal truth,
that we can take to reach total unity.

We are all actors in a play, and we are highly indicating.
If we could just be, then we would see, what the other would be.
In a sense being them even more than they themselves,
and being part of the best part of their concentrated self.

I am no mystic, and now I am having a little fun.
But it seems interesting to think how poor our acting is,
in the cosmic play of being in itself.
Our indication of the beyond, is becoming more obvious.

Maybe our brain needs a modem upgrade, we are at 56k
When we evolve the right mental wavelength patterns,
The World Wide Web will be a laughable thing of the past.
What about the cosmic implications of crossing space so vast.

If there is a natural collective intrinsic and central,
maybe its affects are not only local but also universal.
Maybe the space program is a waste of money,
we should be concentrating on telepathy.

I am not a mystic, but a proponent of rationality.
I am not so serious as to not have fun with my writing.

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