Cambrian Explosion, Simian Extinction

Gravity, prejudice, wind and judgment;
Star formation, dogma, atoms and dissent;

Creative annihilation
Destructive creativity
Cambrian Explosion
Simian Extinction

Photosynthesis, antithesis, magnetism and murder;
Adaptation, regulation, continental drift and slaughter;

Majestic ignorance
Catastrophic slight
Significance mismanagement
Intolerable stubbornness

We move so fast with our technologies,
Stonehenge, The Pyramids seem like antiquity.

The faster we grow with Internet, cell phones, and GPS;
we get tunnel vision as we speed to the future.
Our attention becomes shorter, and history short,
nuclear crisis is a daunting atavism we are headed for.

While I see benefit in dropping traditional prejudice,
I highly value the benefit of history in evaluating justice.
Understanding the past, while annihilating myopic vision,
while building a postmodern future of multiculturalism.

We will get along, in a global village connected,
attached by cable, people all over in a consensus;

Let us use our advancement in science and study,
to bring the world together in communication.
Trading ideas and statistical data among each other,
mathematical truth, with integrity of identity.

Identify yourself in honesty and participation;
Identify yourself and make your conscious known;
Use your voice in the consensual matrix collective;
Use your mind to project your ideas that are attractive.

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