One of Humanity

Attitude is everything,
detach and create,
make what is, into what you want,
because that is fun, for you.

That would be fine, if there was no urgent cause,
no urgent cause for you to be devoted,
a devotion to relief, a devotion to the excluded.

Attitude is everything, as an end to your means.
How far will you go, to not disturb the ebb?
Get it straight, and keep it clear,
clean up your means, and a positive attitude adheres.

Your means are your end, if you want the truth,
no short cuts have merit, no short cuts are not particular.

Universality through study,
attitude from wisdom,
your short cut is to delude,
but I will poison that hopefully.

There is a duty,
do not be lazy,
do not be happy,
do not embarrass me,
as I am part of humanity.

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