Universalists in Relative Sway

You view the world as “myself” and the “other”.
There is no need to search.
There is no need to learn.

Someone may come and question your perception,
your projection of what you think they are.
The very coherent possibility does exist,
that your evaluation is not articulate.

In your simplistic view and attempts to equalize diversity;
In your failure to accurately assess the value inherent;
Every person you meet becomes a generic clone of yourself.
Anything that strays outside the symbol is in need of help.

Myself and Solipsism
The other and Altruism

When you debate a person who feels they are one in six billion,
you become faced with a dilemma that it seems difficult to accept.
This person does not desire necessarily unconditional agreement as friendship.
This person does not desire to fit into the symbol, and criteria you have set.

The problem you have is you are trapped in a duality.
You think people can only see others as they are themselves.
People that perpetuate this belief, have not studied diversity in individuals.
They do their best to feign a universality.

Universalization of the individual is the destruction of true value.
Universalization of diversity is the attempted murder of morality.

Without attention to value, circumstance, context, and multiple comparisons,
morality, virtue, and ethics cannot take on their natural character,
Contrivance, speculation, and prescription become the rule of the day,
trapping the universalists in a state of true relativity and sway.


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