Fill A Hole

I’m sitting here thinking about
Entertainment and its role
What does it represent?
It seems there is a hole

If we can not entertain ourselves
Then we become enveloped by boredom
What does this symbolize?
What can it mean for our lives?

Boredom first
Entertainment necessity or,
Boredom second
Entertainment desire created

It is my belief that as our brains have grown
Eating, talking and practicing for progeny
It is not enough to pacify us in our present capacity
Entertainment became a necessity

Now it seems we will go mad
If we are not entertained
Our attention grows shorter and shorter
On an exponential curve we are sustained

I am glad to be a contributor
But I scarcely know what it means
I understand the hunger for the entertainer
But what it means for me….personally

What can it mean to lack recognition?
What will you see if you could finally know?
What seems right under limited vision
Is probably still right in the end

All I can do is rely on altruism
That is what is so great about these endeavors
While you work for self satisfaction
You take comfort in doing good for others

That is why this is so attractive
That is why we love our creators
It seems they have done something right
They were so ready to share their lives

For my benefit first
With you following a close second

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