Understand the subjectivity inherent,
in metaphysics which are presently improvable.

Understand the observable foundation,
that any reasonable belief would accept as tenable.

What is the point of demanding compliance?
Demanding submission based in mythology.
Understanding the trouble that subjectivity creates,
you add exaggeration to further alienate the sane.

Surrendering subjective ideals to the realm of madmen.
Madmen who sound more reasonable.
Madmen who are clearly mislead,
and have not an ounce of what we feel is credible.

We should never surrender to subjective arguments.
Reasonable truths should always prevail when available.
Stomping your feet, and insisting on your truths,
will not be the way to your ascension in the future.

Metaphysics and philosophy will give us back our emotion,
as we escape from pure dry rationality.
Realization of our subjectivity contingent on rationality,
helps us separate imagination of ourselves, from external partiality.

Subjectivity is subject to scrutiny.
Science and philosophy also must be.
Religions can no longer hold themselves above,
reasonable polemics based on the observed.

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