Romance and Progress

Progress, progress is a purpose we seek,
recognition in success is not for you to direct…completely.

You can do what you want, if you put your mind to it,
defeatist, mystic, unreal, romantic and depressing.

It is true, true, so very true that those that believe this suicide,
in success experience an orgasm of solipsism, vanity and satisfaction of their kind.
I implore you to stop the suicidal imposition, and educate yourselves;
your mind does not control objective deterministic clashes that come from all around.

I agree completely we should set clear goals, and despise apathetic relaxation.
In this time of urgency, the crime of apathy fills me with disgust in evaluation.
The trick is to teach them when they are young not to form goals outside themselves;
the goal is a will to power, and a changing realization of success within, then without.


What you thought you wanted,
could easily change through life.
What you thought they needed
will completely change in time.

Study closely, and you will see
a multiplicity of ideas that you can be.
You can try to do what you want if you put your mind to it,
but you have more possibility for success if you change when prudent.

Change is not a vice, like we have been taught through the centuries.
In fact, it is what we need to survive coming into the next century.

Keep romance trapped in the love between two people.
Do not let it escape into the progressive world.

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