The Unmoved Mover, and The Multiverse

What is wrong with infinite regress?
Why should we make the leap to an anthropocentric creator?

The chicken and the egg; causation and creation;
infinity versus contingency.

There are immeasurable ideas that we can only guess at,
but just because we do not understand, does not mean we regress.

Ignorance with no chance of knowing,
ignorance with no desire toward growing,
ignorance with a universal limitation,
injustice on the shoulders of the mechanism.

Causation, and infinity have emerged together.
We will converge again in the future.
This is not a subjective/objective transcendental ideology,
it is a chronological, cosmological inherent contingency.

When you realize how difficult it is to be original,
you will realize how trapped by limitation you are.
When you realize the extent of the universal quagmire holding you back,
you will realize free will and omni-guilt are a masochistic hack….
…..on a more complex truth.

There may be a creator, but there is no God.
You are caught in a subjective perpetuation.
Ego reifies prejudice in an uncritical denial.
This is no answer, but a hope to annihilate the delusion.

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