Cohesion of Science, Philosophy,
and Metaphysics (Theology)

When you tie science, philosophy, and metaphysics
together in a cohesive whole,
you can start to imagine rationality and emotion
in a synthesis that you can hold.

It can work so frictionless with natural appeal.
It can work for you as a transformation.
It will make God more personal than has been imposed.
It will make God internal and traceably known.

We have been fighting it, and filling in the blanks.
Using our imaginations to keep us afloat.
If we realize what will soon be made clear,
then we can move past the base, and start our growth.

It all comes from the fundamental realization,
observation serves to promote metaphysics.
It all comes from the fundamental stimulation,
of caring about what is natural and intrinsic.

Universality and relativity
Objectivity and subjectivity
Probability and possibility
Breadth or Void

Knowledge, observation, academics, and critical thought
All contribute to better understanding of philosophy, and metaphysics.
There is a less mad reasoning to be obtained in ideas of belief.
There is no need to jump from rationality, to a fantasy motif.

Reason can support belief and rationality, reasonably.
Reason can support your love, and your compassion.
When you act from character, you are acting from your intrinsic nature.
When you act from duty, you act from externally imposed pressure.

Any reasonable moralist would admit,
sacrifice from character is more of a virtue,
than a person who sacrifices and tries,
from a duty that has been prescribed.

Be what you are, and do what you feel.
Character as the basis for virtue,
and let the norm prevail through nature.
Realize the cohesiveness in totality.

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