My Realization

I was driving in my truck, reflecting on concepts;
Concepts I read in the past, and the night before.
I was thinking about rationality, and emotion,
I came to a realization what I had been searching for.

I am a proponent of rationality, and knowledge.
Anything that stunts academic growth is destructive.
I understood that being reasonable would lead to truth.
I understood that it was universal and collective.

Until I read Hegel, Tillich, and Kaufman I never realized;
I never realized that I was a panentheist.
All I knew were the ideas I agreed with, or abhorred,
and I finally found the answer I was searching for.

It started with the realization that God is being in itself;
Being in itself cannot perceive, because perception is not being.
So what is the only way, God can know his own existence?
A part of his mind exists with lack, acting as his perception.

Only the free thinkers can achieve the duty of being;
Being the consciosness that God needs to turn in on himself.
This is not the belief that God is incapable of knowing.
God “is”, but requires perception for his own reflection.

Our bodies and the earth are God’s body also,
and our minds have the potential to live up to our purpose.
Your purpose to reflect on yourself and your surroundings,
doing your duty for God’s inward look at himself.

God did not create us the way past religions have imposed.
He created us in as much as you created your immune system.
We are a part of his body, and consciousness of himself,
but he is all, and we are only a synapse of his reflection.

Your duty as a panentheist is to search for knowledge.
Understand as much as you can.
Your purpose as a human being becomes so obviously clear,
support your fellow academics in the common goal to understand.

When we come to the full realization of God’s significance;
when God in turn realizes his own being through his perception,
there will be a convergence of knowledge between God and mankind.
Ignorance and lack will cease to be, and God and man will be in unity.

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