Consensus Reveals True Consciousness

Billions of people unaware
They are being calculated and compared

Countless activities we activate freely
Countless clues we give to philosophy

When one mind acts independently
Another mind is sure to also be

When billions of beings act independently
Calculations can be made about their tendencies

The influence of the other also screams aloud
“Calculate me and tell me what you have found!”

When many people act in similar ways
It seems that universality is having its say

Comparing people from different backgrounds
We should compare the similarities abound

We have a worldwide medium to collect
A calculator to work as a group intellect

The most beautiful calculator that could ever be
A calculator of consciousness of our collective being

Let us bring our collective intellects to a head
Through voluntary participation and interest

Of course you want to know
Of course you want to see
The time when the database calculates
From statistic information, what it is to be

Then you will know your true objective other
Then you will know your true objective God
Then you will know what the rest of the world believes
Then you will know the basis for Humanism

Database management will bring God his consciousness
Mathematics will show his pointed articulation
Ideal consensus through perfect participation
Will give mankind the leading hand in creation!

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