The Romantic Evasion

Romance will save you!
Romance will save you from the truth.
The truth will destroy your body with stress;
evolution prefers delusion for your mental rest.

Romance will save you!
All you have to do is feel.
I will tell you now, because I know all to clear,
the truth in actuality will break you in despair.

These religious people have no clue about truth;
they are scared to death of it.
Romanticism is the height of evasion;
the height of masturbation in myopic limitation.

If you did not want to kill so readily,
for your orgasmic sensuality,
I would endorse you with all my heart,
because the truth in actuality will kill you outright.

Trust me now as I deliver the promise of truth,
learn to grow, but avoid ascetism at any cost.
The truth can be beautiful, or devastating in itself,
it could not care less about your death, or help.

A priori, annihilating your solipsism so obviously,
whispering to you about your insignificance painfully,
drawing you down to a place omni orgasmic, or omni destructive.
Romance is your only hope, but the cure kills like the disease.

That disease is truth……

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