Modernist Killers, and Postmodern Suicide

Save myself in belief, and kill the others, or
kill myself in grief, and save my brothers.

Modern idealists hate themselves, as a mask to cover their repugnant vanity.
Postmodernists are schizophrenic in the sacrifice of their heart to humanity.

United we kill;
Divided we die.

There is a strange attraction to romance, and nobility.
There is a destructive attraction to the momentum of mythology.
It seems strange to me that observation, would equate to annihilation.
It seems strange to me that knowledge in survival would condemn a man.

It is strange because it destroys.
It is a lie in it is ambiguity.
Contradiction inherent,
lazy minds find their rest… delusion.


Learn all you can, and study others for who they are.
Stand up for human rights, both physical and mental.
Tolerate only that which seems to pose no pragmatic threat to survival,
but limit that tolerance to necessity, and build a character that is true nobility.

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