Erradicate the Rigid

I was already thinking to find the interest,
so when the change came,
I did not think I was right already,
I did not think it was ridiculous,
I did not fear:

Responsibility at the expense of reputation,
Accountability if I was ever evaluated,
Variation in nature, as it is the maxim of change,
Accommodating death, because it is the natural progression.

I am not going to kill, to quantify my “rightness”,
I will not negate, to try to create my character.
I understand so clearly, after listening so carefully,
killers are egoistic, desiring death of the other beyond necessity.

When you know, you feel so ill,
your stomach turns at the failures around.
I wont say understanding is easy to achieve,
but the cost of failure makes it a necessary duty.

In this day, and in this age,
your failure means a killer negation of the different.
In this time, in the universe’s life,
a rigid masturbation, means the death of the global nation.

Change, or you justify your own erradication, on terms set by you.

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