By Yourself, For the People

I like to believe, being for myself is for the people.
I like to think, I have enough energy to make an interesting difference.
I try to purely serve by crushing my ego and vanity,
but the masturbation is inherent when you chose to entertain.

Make no mistake, entertainment in the arts is a two way reward.
Despair and rejection is depression for a sprouting emergence,
as the quitters suffer nothing but the worst of an inherent scale,
the diligent entertain bliss as their minds grow and show the divine pornography.

While other areas of service, comfortably bring their product to market,
art and entertainment, prostitutes its self-reward for the corporate.
While the people benefit either way the entertainer liens,
character versus capitalism is destroying truth and humanity daily.

Survival of body, at expense of the character,
what is the point of the character, if one cannot survive?
Without money, one so surely dies,
so it seems we must sell the divine…..pornography.

I cannot explain what is to me but a feeling.
Perhaps it is an echo of romanticism so dead,
or a masturbation of vanity assuming my way is the drive,
or is it the truth, survival motives are catastrophe of divine creativity.

Divinity at war with necessity,
a blissful freedom should drive individuality in humanity,
necessity can drive the corporate minds of invention,
but they only provide the method for the presentation.

The presentation itself must be pure of survival drives,
for the most divine of pornography to thrive,
individuality, and narcissism in vanity must be justified in them,
their masturbations will be pure if we the people contribute a stipend.

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