Contingent Immanence

The pursuit of happiness;
the goal of apathy, and blissful delusion.

The pursuit of objectivity;
the goal of prejudicial annihilation.

When we are young, our prejudice is centered,
vainly centered around our personal interest.
As we grow, and learn about the world,
when we listen close, we can find ourselves.

When you are a child, you are not much more than an animal.
When you are a child, deliberation and temperance are minimal.

Potentiality which becomes actuality,
Vanity which becomes justified,
Or vanity which culminates in arrogance,
because desire for value is destroyed by apathy.

I cannot be happy,
it is too tawdry.
If you want to be happy,
fall in love with apathy.

Do not care, and you can rest.
Give no help, find happiness.

Ignorance, an unfortunate result,
Armageddon, a contingent immanence.

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