Eyes as Projectors

Sometimes I wonder in my imagination
What I would think if all my plans played out
If all my hopes and dreams came true
How could I resist a solipsistic tune?

My eyes are projectors
My eyes are not cameras
In my mind time is reversed
My mind is the essence that does the work

When you bump your “funny bone”
Ostensibly you move and bump your arm
But in this world where time is reversed
Your mind manufactures the hurt
Then it paints a picture of how it happens
Then you perceive what is the inverse….of reality

So if I conquer the world like I am setting out to do
I would have to believe that this life was a test
As much as I hate the idea, I am a free thinker
As much as I hate to concede, it would be best

If you were a being watching over your test subjects
You would give them impossible limits to imagine
In their little world you would most likely make
Their most absurd wishes pragmatically happen

Then in the time when they felt things were not fair
You would show them that in fact they were not
The odds were unbelievably in favor of the subject
The suffering people where put around you as props

It is all a movie projecting out from these eyes
While we all interact and live our lives

At some point we branch off, and our bodies are only left as symbols
To those who still remain in that time, to those who become unreal

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