Killers,Suicide, Interest, and Boredom

Since I was young I always wondered,
I always wondered why people subscribe,
why people subscribe to the prescription,
the prescription of another in affliction.

The knowledge was there, but the question absent.
The possibility existed, but I was inadequate.
After splitting hairs down to leptons and bosons,
after Plato, Jesus, and Nietzsche,
I want to propose an answer to the desire for submission,
I want to propose a picture of why I think they give in.

The most popular rubrics suppress pleasure, with no reason to substantiate.
They give no reason why major areas of pleasure are not to be enjoyed.
Simply obey, and do what you are told, for to question leads to destruction.
Sacrifice your pleasure, pen up your frustration, believe this is true intention.

I always thought it absurd, the enjoyment of pleasure could be wrong.
In fact, I know it is not wrong, but healthy and useful for your success.
Why oh why would the church try so hard to repress the desires of the masses?
Why oh why is there the tendency, and inclination to demonize our nature?

I tell you now, I do not believe they knew the answer to that question.
They did not know why they thought this to be control.

My proposal is: Life breaks down into interest, boredom, suicide and subscription.
If you enjoy your pleasures, in every way they come, life might not have enough.
Life might not have enough to offer your expanding brain.

If you enjoy your pleasures, in every way they come, you might find yourself bored.
You might find yourself bored and apathetic, with no real reason to survive.
Interest is the great catalyst. Interest is the great life maker.

People with no subscription must work to keep their interest in life.
People with no subscription have no conformist ideological rubric to perpetuate,
They have no conformist rubric to dictate an unconditional law against suicide.

Those who avoid, subscription to prescription have their own responsibility.
They have their own responsibility to create interest and enrichment.
I believe they do this through the perpetuation of art and culture,
I believe they do this with science, philosophy and one another.

What happens when apathy sets in? What happens when life becomes boring?
They have no hidden unconditional law to keep them alive.
So what is the point, for a person in pain to keep living their life?

Potentiality? Hope? None of which has the power of actuality.
None of which does not contain the possibility,
the possibility that matters will worsen.


But I ask you what is worse, to kill another for an ideal you believe,
or to kill yourself for lack of belief in an ideal?

I tell you now, and I feel the promise of truth, you have no right.
You have no right to kill another by your own deterministic use.

While it is fine for you that you decided to subscribe,
while your rubric keeps your enjoyment down, preserving your interest.
While your unconditional positive value for life keeps you in feigned strength,
in order to survive you must be willing to kill, or die for your fate.


While those who are free from subscription kill themselves in extremes,
you will take the life of another, to stave off the questioning of your unconditional memes.

If someone has to die, for another to live I feel that it is virtuous,
it is virtuous that I die for me.

I die for myself, while you all go on,
how could I be any more content with any other knowledge.

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