About My Personal Polemics

Those who want to live in ideological apathy, hate me readily.
To toil into the infinite are the values I represent essentially.
The views I present give a clearer view, but no acceptance in preconception.
The views I present will provide confidence, but comfort is another mission.

I myself believe the Panentheistic view.
The view is undeveloped, and still reasonable.
It allows me to reason metaphysically,
but does not provide comfort unconditionally.

I want to set clear why I try my very hardest to tear down;
To tear down the opportunistic fantasies of belief based lives.
I want to write personally about why I believe they must change.
I want to write about the dangers that mankind will face.

With divided states, and nuclear fates, mixed with ideological hate,
one can easily say, our race is headed for a suicide extinction.

When diplomacy is considered impotent, and aggression paramount;
When fingers drum impatiently around a key, and a button;
When the cost to be paid is a pragmatic reality of numbers and pain,
we can only hope the one who deliberates, is one who can negotiate.

With fingers drumming impatiently around species demise in potentiality;
With ideologies inverting belief and reason in importance and pragmatism;
When a divided world merges in communication, technology, and culture,
it is with keen negotiation that we will narrowly survive without a world war.

If we merge, and are successful in survival,
I would not tread on your fantasy so readily.
If I thought that fantasy ethics were no threat,
what you believe, I could really care less.

At this time, the problem is violence and arrogance,
and ideological giants are the mechanisms churning it out,
but with nuclear weapons, and mass destruction on the table of the psychological,
intensity of necessity of reasonable polemics becomes driven by species survival.

I have ratcheted my attacks to red, red, red alert.
Reason, reason, reason will save you now,
and after you merge, remember your fantasy readily,
for you can return to it, and feel comforted and steady.

I will die, before we merge to our peace,
So, I will die opposing the belief/reason inversion,
While I do not define myself through this denial,
I will continue to pursue, in the name of survival.

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